Friday, November 12, 2010

10 MUST HAVES for Late Fall & Winter

by Ruth Rinaolo

1. Boots
2. Jeggings
3. High Waisted Skirts
4. Layered Necklaces
5. Striped Sweaters
6. Long, Drapey Cardigans
7. Patterned Tights
8. Military Inspired Coats
9. Layered Ruffle Tops
10. Colorful Scarves

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Dresses For Africa

by Natalie Martinez

The fashion club at The Willows Academy has become something very
big. From planning our spring fashion show to making dresses, we have
been very busy. For our first project we are making dresses for little girls in

The simple dresses that we are making are made out of pillow cases
and have added designs to them. We have been working week after week,
striving to make these dresses the best that they can be. Many of the dresses
have different patterns and designs. To add more style to each dress we put
buttons and ribbons of all different colors. Those of us who knew how to
sew, sewed parts of the dresses while the rest of us cut parts for the dress and
added things onto it until it was all complete

These dresses will be sent all the way to Africa where they will be
distributed to young girls in schools, orphanages, and churches. Many states
have sent dresses and donations to help this cause, and we are proud to be
one of them.

A BIG thanks to Miss Manning! She brought this project to life and is responsible for its inception.

For more information on Little Dresses for Africa, click here.